Every Sunday is our Barbeque Party, grilling will start at approximately 6pm. Daytimes visitors are also welcome until 8 pm


Upcoming partys and events :

Swingers Party/ BBQ


The Sunday and Wednesday Swingers Party in the new Venus Resort. From 12 ò clock
Grilling from about 14 am . Resort Clients 35e, Daily Couples 50, – €, food and drinks inclusive. 
Entry only with confirmed registration

From June on (only the summer) our BBQ party will be from 17.00 h to 20.00 h.

You can stay as usual, from 12.00 h till 20.00 h.

As you come at 12.00 h and we start the meal at 17.00h, we will serve some snacks during this hours.


Daily Guest

every Sunday from 6pm - 10pm

Daily Guest are welcome from Monday – Saturday 12:00-20:00. Visit our Venus Resort for 27,50 e inc. Towels and Sun – Beds. We are happy to see you soon.